15 Ways To Get Your Brand Noticed

Oct 25, 2018

From social media and promotional products to community involvement and content, here are ways to gain exposure for you brand! When it comes to marketing, it is wise to remember the rule of seven,...

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Increase Participation at Your Local Blood Drive and Blood Donation Centers with These Unique Promotional Products

Mar 13, 2018

Every two seconds someone in the U.S. needs blood. And most people will need at least 3 pints on average. That’s quite a bit of blood! But with the help of multiple donors, each person can give ...

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5 Customized Push Presents for your Patients and their New Addition

Mar 01, 2018

Obstetricians give the best presents of all -- they deliver babies on the daily. Each day obstetricians bring extreme joy and happiness to patients in the form of newborns. No doubt you'll always be r...

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Here's 5 ways to make a stay at the Children's Hospital fun!

Feb 26, 2018

Hospitals are scary and undesirable places for people of all ages, but especially children, as many are too young to grasp any real medical concepts. No child should ever have to set foot in a childre...

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Oversized Caskets: This Should be an Ad for Weight Loss

Jan 31, 2013

Rise in Obesity Means More Oversize Caskets People Are Dying of Obesity–Leading to a Rapid Rise in Oversized Caskets Austin, Texas: I recently saw an ad for oversized caskets – and thoug...

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Aqua Bead Hot/Cold Packs Are a Great Gift For Any Wellness or Fitness Program

Dec 18, 2012

Custom imprinted hot/cold gel packs Austin, Texas: Wellness Incentives Plus has just introduced their newest imprinted wellness gift: Aqua Pearl Beaded Hot/Cold Packs. These custom printed gel thera...

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Buy Bulk Pedometers for Your Wellness Program

Nov 13, 2012

Save Money by Buying Imprinted Promotional Pedometers in Bulk Custom Printed Pedometers available from Wellness Incentives Plus Austin, Texas: Wellness Incentives Plus has just introduced their newe...

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Imprinted Reflectors for Running and Walking

Nov 12, 2012

New Promotional Reflectors are Great for Any Wellness/Fitness Program Imprinted Blinking Reflectors from Wellness Incentives Plus Austin, Texas: Encourage safety for your employees when launching a ...

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Blood Pressure Guide & Record Keeper

Nov 06, 2012

Handy Blood Pressure Record Keeping Guide from WelnessIncentivesPlus.com Austin, Texas Wellness Incenitves Plus has just released its handy Blood Pressure Guide & Record Keeper. Perefct for health ...

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Promotional Pedometers in Translucent Colors

Nov 06, 2012

Imprinted Translucent Pedometers-from WellnessIncentivesPlus.com Austin, Texas: Wellness Incentives Plus has just introduced their newest pedometer for welness programs and heath fairs. This translu...

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Custom Printed Duffel Bag for Wellness Program Incentives

Nov 02, 2012

Imprinted Duffel Bags from WellnessIncentivesPlus.com Austin, TX: Wellness Incentives Plus has just introduced their newest line of Duffel Bags. Ideal for wellness programs, health and fitness progr...

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Custom Printed Portable Yoga Mat

Oct 31, 2012

Portable yoga mats -from WellnessIncentivesPlus.com Austin, Texas: Wellness Incentives Plus has just introduced their newest Custom Printed Portable Yoga Mat-perfect for any wellness or fitness prog...

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Medication Record Keeper

Oct 30, 2012

Imprinted Medication Record Keeper from WellnessIncentivesPlus.com Austin, Texas Wellness Incenitves Plus has just released its handy Medication Record Keeper & Record Keeper. Perefct for health fa...

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New! Custom Printed BMI & Body Fat Pedometers

Oct 29, 2012

Austin, Texas: WellnessIncentives Plus.com has just introduced these pedometers, which measure up to 99,999 steps, distance traveled, calories burned, and exercise time. Ideal for wellness programs ...

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Budget Imprinted Pedometer for Wellness Programs

Sep 28, 2012

Lowest Priced Custom Printed Pedometer for -Wellness & Fitness Programs Budget Pedometer for Wellness Programs | Wellness Incentives Plus Austin, Texas: Wellness Incentives Plus has just introduced ...

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Imprinted Terry Velour Fringed Favorite Sport Towel

Sep 25, 2012

Get Your Employees Exercising with These Sporty Imprinted Towels Custom printed towels from Wellness Incentives Plus Austin, Texas: Inspire your employees to work out with these imprinted terry clot...

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New Imprinted Exercise or Fitness Ball

Sep 21, 2012

The Ideal Wellness Incentive: Custom Printed Exercise Balls custom imprinted exercise ball Austin, Texas: Perfect for any wellness program, we have just introduced this Fitness Ball with custom prin...

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Now Available: Mosquito-Repellent Wrist Bands to Fight West Nile Virus

Aug 24, 2012

Imprinted US-Made, DEET-Free Bug Bands to Help Fight West Nile Virus Help Your Employees Fight Against West Nile Virus With These Bug Bands With Your Logo The West Nile Virus is fast spreading &ndas...

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New Imprinted Infuser Bottle-Great for Wellness Programs and Health Fairs

Jul 10, 2012

New imprinted infuser bottle is ideal for wellness and fitness programs Encourage employee wellness and fitness with these new custom printed infuser bottles. Create your own personalized flavored b...

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Wellness Incentive Gift: Salad Shaker Set

May 18, 2012

Promotional Salad Shaker from WellnessIncentivesPlus.com Austin, Texas: Wellness Incentives Plus has just introduced their newest wellness gift– a 3-piece imprinted salad shaker set. This styl...

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New Wellness Program Incentive Reward: Food Scale

May 17, 2012

Austin, Texas:Wellness Incentives Plus has just introduced their newest wellness reminder gift– a stylish 2-piece kitchen food scale…fully customized with your logo and message. These tr...

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Complete Imprinted Wellness Incentive Gift or Reward

Jan 25, 2012

Austin, Texas: Wellness Incentives Plus has just introduced their newest wellness reward gift– a complete circuit wellness kit. This exclusive kit includes: 1) pedometer with button battery ...

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Imprinted Wellness Guides: Perfect for Any Wellness Program or Health Fair

Jan 23, 2012

New Wellness Guides With Custom Imprint WellnessIncentivesPlus.com Austin, Texas: An educated employee is a healthy employee and these pocket-sized info guides can help to keep your employees health...

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Wellness Incentives: Custom Printed Exercise Bands

Jan 22, 2012

New One Piece Workout Bands Austin, Texas: WellnessIncentivesPlus.com has just introduced their latest workout bands–complete with your custom imprint. Our Workout Band is made of Silver Latex...

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Complete Wellness Program Kit

Jan 20, 2012

Austin, Texas: Wellness Incentives Plus has just introduced their wellness motivation kit – ideal for any corporate wellness kickoff or milestone achievement gift. This complete kit helps your ...

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Wellness Incentives: Imprinted Multi-Function Pedometer

Jan 11, 2012

New! Multi-function Pedometer With Clip Austin, Texas: Brand New!! WellnessIncentivesPlus.com has just introduced their newest imprinted wellness pedometer. This multi-function easy to read display...

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Wellness Reminder: Custom Printed Nutrition Guide

Jan 04, 2012

Nutrition Guide For Everyday Foods Book Austin, Texas: WellnessIncentivesPlus.com has just introduced their newest wellness guide, Nutrition Guide for Everyday Foods. This convenient guide to living...

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New Wellness Incentive Gift: Imprinted Insulated Lunch Bag

Jan 03, 2012

Austin, Texas: Encourage your employees to pack their own healthy lunches with this new custom printed lunch bag. Ideal for any wellness reminder or for health fairs, this large 100% non-woven, soft ...

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Heart Shaped Pick N Mints

Dec 05, 2011

Austin, Texas: Wellness Incentives Plus has introduced a new item that is perfect for wellness programs and health fairs. A combination of mints and toothpicks in a case in the shape of a heart. We ...

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Imprinted Body Tape Features a BMI Calculator

Nov 18, 2011

Austin, Texas: Wellness Incentives Plus has introduced a new body tape measure that helps calculate BMI and waist size. It is good for promotional gift for health fairs and wellness programs, so peo...

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Hand Sanitizer In Keychain With Logo for Wellness Programs

Nov 15, 2011

Austin, Texas: Help your employees improve wellness with these new hand sanitizer wet wipes in a convenient keychain canister. Each canister includes 30 individual wipes and your custom imprint in u...

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Custom Chewing Gum For Promotions

Nov 07, 2011

Austin, Texas: Wellness Incentives Plus has introduced their newest wellness promotional item, custom chewing gum. Blister packed sugar free peppermint chewing gum comes in a sleeve, making it ideal ...

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Imprinted Pill Management System

Nov 01, 2011

Austin, Texas: Wellness Incentives Plus has just introduced a great new wellness program gift–a pill management system. The Pill Management System allows for the storage, cutting and crushing o...

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25-ounce Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Oct 14, 2011

Promotional Stainless Steel Water Bottles Austin, Texas: Wellness Incentives Plus has just introduced their newest stainless steel water bottle, perfect for health fairs, wellness programs and fitnes...

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Mini Bullet-Shaped Lip Balm

Sep 08, 2011

Austin, Texas: Wellness Incentives Plus has introduced their newest imprinted lip balm gift–perfect for health fairs and wellness program. Made in the USA, these lip balms come in a variety of ...

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Retractable ID Badge Holder Pedometer

Aug 26, 2011

Austin, Texas: Here’s an innovative way to make sure your employees wear their pedometers each day– a retractable badge holder pedometer. This multi-function pedometer has a 30 inch retra...

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Hand Sanitizer Gel With Logo and Imprint

Aug 25, 2011

Austin, Texas: Wellness Incentives Plus has just introduced their latest alcohol-based hand sanitizer in squeeze bottle –just in time for cold and flu season. This custom printed container feat...

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Custom Printed Body Mass Index Guide Wheel

Aug 07, 2011

Austin, Texas: Kick off your wellness program with these custom printed body mass index guide wheel. These 6.75″ diameter information guide wheels help to track and calculate adult BMI (body ma...

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Anti-Bacterial Wet Wipes for Wellness Programs

Jul 25, 2011

Antibacterial non-alcohol cup holder wet wipes canister, 40 count. Rigid canisters filled with antibacterial wet wipes. Available in non-alcohol formula only. Product contains Belzalkonium Chloride...

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Heart Shaped Pedometer with Digital Clock,Step, Distance and Calorie Counter

Jul 20, 2011

Austin, Texas: WellnessIncenitvesPlus.com has introduced the patented heart-shaped pedometer with digital clock, step, distance and calorie counter — perfect for any wellness program. These tra...

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Imprinted Personal Massager: Useful Wellness Incentive or Award

Jul 15, 2011

Austin, Texas: Wellness Incentives Plus has just introduced this clear, star-shaped massager that feels like a real hand. A truly feel-good promotion. Includes a 1-color direct imprint for under $2....

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Wellness Kit Includes Pedometer and Water Bottle

Jul 13, 2011

Austin, Texas: This all-in-one wellness kit includes a pedometer with button battery and water bottle. Some of the other features include: Earphone outlet for iPod or MP3 player. Side zipper poc...

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Syringe-Shaped Pens for Health and Wellness Programs

Jun 21, 2011

Austin, Texas: Wellness Incentives Plus has just released its new liquid-filled syringe pen for the health and wellness field. These fun ink pens come in red, blue or green ink and can help to kick o...

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Walkers Guide: Great Corporate Wellness Gift

Jun 06, 2011

Austin, Texas: Looking for the ideal wellness incentive gift? This exclusive walkers guide measures 2 1/8″ x 3 3/8″ and is perfect for record keeping. Helps your employees learn the p...

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Imprinted Yoga Ball is Ideal Wellness Incentive

May 14, 2011

Austin, Texas: An imprinted exercise ball is perfect for developing strength and flexibility. Recommended by fitness trainers and great for health and wellness promotions. Bonus inflating pump inclu...

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Imprinted Wellness Pedometer for Wellness Programs

Apr 11, 2011

Our new Step-it Up Pedometer counts number of steps and calories burned. This wide wellness pedometer has a large imprint area which allows for easy reading of data when on the move. It accuratel...

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New! Custom Printed Solar Powered Pedometers

Apr 05, 2011

Two of the hottest topics in business today are wellness and the environment– and this new solar-powered pedometer is perfect for both categories. These vibrantly colored imprinted acrylic casi...

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New T-Shirt Step Counter Pedometer For Wellness programs

Mar 18, 2011

Austin, TX: wellnessmarketingsolutions.com has just introduced their newest pedometer: a custom printed T-Shirt Step counter pedometer. This one size fits all, T-shirt shaped step counter ties in ...

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New Health and Wellness Kit: Ideal for Corporate Wellness Programs

Mar 17, 2011

Austin, TX : wellnessmarketingsolutions.com has just introduced their newest custom printed wellness kit, which is perfect for any wellness program incentive or program launch. This health kit was c...

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Water Filtration BPA-Free Sports Bottle - Perfect For Wellness Programs

Jan 18, 2011

Austin, Texas: Wellness Incentives Plus has just introduced their newest water bottle–perfect for wellness programs and fitness campaigns. This 26 ounce water bottle features a patented water ...

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Imprinted Fitness and Wellness Pedometer

Jan 16, 2011

This easy to use pedometer is a great wellness incentive for corporations and their employees. With a face up display this pedometer can be seen with ease and with a push of a button, this product w...

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Aluminum Wellness Water Bottles

Jan 10, 2011

This single wall colored aluminum water bottle with carabineer holder would be a great incentive for your corporate wellness program. It has an acrylic exterior and stainless interior. This imprin...

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Multi Function Wellness Pedometer

Dec 29, 2010

The perfect wellness item to use for your corporate wellness program,new gym memebership incentive or even to use as a medical tradeshow giveaway.A multi-function pedometer that features a calorie c...

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Imprinted Talking Pedometer: Great for Wellness Programs

Dec 16, 2010

What a great way to kick off a corporate wellness program with a talking pedometer with panic alarm, count steps, measure distance traveled, calories and walking time. It has a one touch announcemen...

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Wellness/Fitness Walking Kit with Water Bottle and Pedometer

Dec 07, 2010

Great way to start a wellness incentive program with our walking enthusiast kit. Includes pedometer and water bottle. The multi-function pedometer features calorie counter, s...

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Imprinted Wellness Message Tote Bag

Dec 06, 2010

This is the perfect tote to start your wellness corporate program. Our wellness message bag is made from Ecotex with 85% post consumer recycled materials. This stylish designed bag features inspirat...

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Imprinted iPod Style Pedometer for Any Wellness or Fitness Program

Nov 17, 2010

Perfect item to kick off a corporate wellness program. Our silver ipod style pedometer with belt clip on back would be a great first step in the right direction. This imprinted pedometer calculates ...

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Imprinted Ice Pack Wellness Neck Cooler

Nov 11, 2010

Perfect item for a wellness program. Our 100% cotton ice pack neck cooler tie imprints your logo from end to end, releases cold moisture onto the skin which is a water activated cooling product tha...

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Imprinted Towel for Wellness & Fitness Programs

Nov 03, 2010

Our 100% cotton Antimicrobial Enhanced towel will get your wellness program started on the right note with it’s built-in protection for your active lifestyle. It prevents bacteria and fungus...

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Imprinted Food and Fitness Journal for Wellness Programs

Oct 30, 2010

Our wellness food and fitness journal would be a great addition to any corporate wellness incentive program. The closed 6″ x 9″ journal is the perfect size notebook to carry with you and...

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Imprinted Koozie Snack & Dip Container

Oct 21, 2010

Enjoy a mid day snack with our new 19 oz. Koozie Snack & Dip container with blue lid. Separate dip container snaps securely into freezer gel lid. Freezer gel in lid keeps snacks and dip cold. It m...

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Imprinted First Aid Kits for Employee Wellness and Safety Programs

Oct 20, 2010

Our 32 piece first aid kit is a great way to start your new corporate wellness program. It includes 5 plastic bandages, 10 plastic junior bandages, 1 fabric fingertip bandage, 1 gauze pad, 2 moist t...

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Imprinted Digital Jump Rope for Corporate Wellness and Fitness Programs

Oct 19, 2010

This is the perfect digital jump rope to jump start an employee wellness program. It digitally displays and tracks jumps, calories burned and training time. Our wellness jump rope also uses count-up...

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Imprinted Wellness Yoga Mat with Carrying Case

Oct 13, 2010

Perfect yoga mat for a corporate wellness incentive program. Our mat measures 68″ x 24″ and is made from PVC. It comes with a convenient nylon carrying case and has an adjustable 28&Prim...

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Imprinted Wellness Medicine Tray Organizer

Oct 11, 2010

Perfect way to keep medicines in order. Our wellness medicine organizer has four weeks and today so that you can schedule and guide correct dosages for a 4 week long period. You can also carry indi...

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Custom Imprinted Dry Zone Sport Shirt for Your Corporate Wellness Program

Oct 06, 2010

Your employees will be delighted to wear our dry zone solid herringbone sport shirt that is incorporated in corporate wellness program. Each shirt has a 3-button placket with tonal buttons, flat kn...

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Wellness Incentive Pedometer with Panic Siren

Oct 04, 2010

Want your employees to feel safe while excercizing? We have a great new employee wellness incentive combination of a multi-function pedometer with a panic siren, flashlight, clock, pocket/belt cl...

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Ultra Thin Pedometer For Corporate Wellness And Fitness Program

Sep 22, 2010

Help your employees lose weight and improve fitness with this exclusive big screen calorie, step and distance pedometer, which is a fantastic way to get your company’s name and logo seen. T...

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Wellness Reminder 13 Month 2011 Calendar

Sep 20, 2010

Just what you need to jump start a corporate wellness program for your employees. This 13-month multiple sheet wellness calendar is filled with full color health and wellness photos. It measures 10 ...

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Imprinted Wellness Incentive Stress Meter/Ruler

Sep 18, 2010

This Stress-O-Meter ruler with standard and metric measurements would be a great addition to any corporate wellness incentive program. Help your employees reduce stress, as it contains a thermo sen...

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Custom Imprinted Wellness Pedometer Features Your Logo

Sep 17, 2010

What a great wellness reminder to get your clients to walk around with your company’s name and logo.This clip-on pedometer is a step counter which will count up to 99,999 steps. This promotio...

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Koozie Lunch Sack as a Corporate Wellness Incentive Reminder

Sep 07, 2010

Encourage your employees to bring a nutritious lunch from home with the Koozie-brand lunch sack made of 70 denier nylon. Ideal for corporate fitness programs, this insulated lunch sack features hoo...

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Laptop Backpack for Corporate Wellness Programs

Sep 04, 2010

Laptop mono strap backpack made of poly 300 denier ripstop PU are an ideal wellness gift or reminder. Features large zippered main compartment, adjustable padded shoulder strap with cell phone mesh ...

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Wellness Pedometer/BMI

Sep 03, 2010

Gemstone BMI and body fat pedometer. An all-purpose pedometer with body fat in its sights. Input personal data to determine body fat and body mass index (BMI). Remembers body fat data for up to 5 us...

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