15 Ways To Get Your Brand Noticed

  • Oct 25, 2018

From social media and promotional products to community involvement and content, here are ways to gain exposure for you brand!


When it comes to marketing, it is wise to remember the rule of seven, which states that people need to hear about your brand or see your brand at least seven times before considering coming to you for your product/service.


This may put stress on some business owners, but just think about all the ads and all the forms of ads that are around us: online links, fliers on our cars, billboards on the highway, magazine advertisements, offers in our emails...The list goes on, proving that there are numerous ways to spread the news of your brand.


If you are just starting a new company or looking to revamp your current marketing strategy, use these 15 ideas to get noticed.


  1. Social Media: Everyone and their dog is on social media, and your brand should be, too. There are several platforms from which to choose, so think about where your target audience is and what they want to see when deciding which social sites to use. Once your accounts are set up, you’ll have a free and easy way to regularly and instantly reach tons of people.
  2. Marketing Materials: Outside of the digital world, you can let people know about your product/services through printed marketing materials. You can hand out business cards. You can sell branded bumper stickers. You can hand out one-sheeters of info to potential customers. Just remember the rule of seven!
  3. Promotional Products: Some people may not want to print out a bunch of paper in order to market themselves, so do the same thing but with products people can use. Water bottles, backpacks and gifts for pets are just a few of the swag items you can hand out and/or give away to fans and followers!
  4. Advertisements: If you have a little more to spend, you can always turn to traditional advertising. From mentions on the radio and TV to wording in newspapers and on billboards, this is a great way to get lots of eyes on your brand.
  5. Industry Involvement: While the ideas so far involve putting your name out there and hoping as many people as possible see it, this one is all about going straight to where the people are; at industry events, you will be surrounded by your customers, clients and competitors, so speak at conferences, set up at trade shows and host mixers!
  6. Community Involvement: Along the same lines, your company should be involved in a non-professional way, as well. You and your employers/co-workers could volunteer together or donate to a cause together. Your good deeds will be noticed, so you will be spreading awareness, all while giving back.
  7. Influencers: No matter your industry, there are probably some influential people that come to mind when thinking of leaders in the field. If you can partner up with one or two, that can get you instant exposure; just imagine someone with thousands of followers using your product or promoting your service!
  8. Email Marketing: As you start marketing your brand more and more, you will receive leads, so you need a database, full of names and email addresses. Then, your business should regularly reach out to these folks through email marketing. From company updates and announcements to industry news, newsletters are a great way to stay connected. 
  9. SEO: Another way people stay up-to-date with brands is through their websites; interested audiences browse your about page, your blog, your contact info...but it is the behind-the-scenes work that we want to discuss: SEO, or search engine optimization, is all about using strategic words, images and designs in order to help people find you online - which you definitely want!
  10. Press Releases: Earlier, we mentioned company updates and announcements, and when you have a big one - such as a launch party, a new product or a move - you can send out a press release. This alerts the media of this information and can even lead to follow-up interviews and other media mentions.
  11. Engaging Content: Going to reporters and publications isn’t the only way to have people read about you, though. Brands should create engaging content, in-house, which is then shared online and hopefully seen by many. Examples include writing guest blog posts for relevant websites and designing branded infographics.
  12. Deals & Specials: People love offers, so lure in new customers and reward your current ones with deals and specials!
  13. Giveaways: Similarly, your business can host a giveaway. This can be done live, at an event, or online, using social media tools for entries and drawings. And this is another great way to get some positive attention.
  14. Rave Reviews: You'll post online. You'll hand out promotional items. You'll get involved. You'll create content. And all of this will lead to people coming to you for your expertise, which will then lead to them reviewing you! Make sure your website and social platforms feature these kind words from your fans.
  15. Being YOU: As you can see, there are numerous ways to market your brand and gain exposure. In the end, though, it comes down to YOU and your overall brand. What do you stand for? How do your employees treat customers? How do those in your office treat each other? Are you transparent? Do people really like your company?


It is said that a brand is “the perception someone holds in their head about you, a product, a service, an organization, a cause, or an idea”, so advertise your product/service, remember the rule of seven, and work towards earning a positive perception from all.

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