5 Customized Push Presents for your Patients and their New Addition

  • Mar 1, 2018

Obstetricians give the best presents of all -- they deliver babies on the daily. Each day obstetricians bring extreme joy and happiness to patients in the form of newborns. No doubt you'll always be remembered by your patients, but will the newborns and other be able to know what you did and can do for them? Today I'm going to share with you 5 fantastic customized push gifts that you can give to your patients following their births to have the moment commemorated forever. 


1) Sweet Pea Diaper Bag Kit Black-Green

Having a newborn means needing a giant diaper bag to lug all thee baby necessities around in. What better than being gifted a customized diaper bag from your obstetrician while you're recovering in the hospital and stressing about what life will be like now once released. These high-quality diaper bags are great for holding not only diapers, but bottles, blankets, toys, snacks, etc. The diaper bag unisex so dads can wear this diaper bag confidently too. 

2) 8 oz Assorted Color Evenflo Baby Bottles

If babies aren't crying they're eating. Babies can consume up to 5 bottles each day and with lots of bottles comes lots of clean up. Just imagine how great would it be to have even just one extra bottle available to use. Gifting your patients with these customized baby bottles is a great way to show you care and want to make sure their newborns get the proper nutrition. 

3) Fleece Baby or Lap Blanket

 The first task after a baby is born to to get them cleaned up and swaddled up in a blanket. Make these adorable fleece baby blankets the first thing the babies you deliver are swaddled tightly in! Your blanket will be in every picture and spread through the internet and social medias-- acting as great advertisement for your practice as well. These blankets come in gender-neutral colors as well as the classics, so all patients will feel included and accepted. 

4) Rabbit Skins™ Infant Short Sleeve Baby Rib Bodysuit

One of the many duplicate items needed to for a newborn in additional to bottle are outfits. These baby bodysuits are a great push present for patients since they'll need to eventually dress the baby once the initial cleaning and swaddling are done. These baby bodysuits come in a variety of colors and can be customized with your practice's logo. 

5) Sound Dome Wireless Speaker

And we certainly can't forget about the dads! They have a very important role in helping pregnant mom for those long nine months. Why not give them an awesome Bluetooth speaker! Dads can jam out both with and without their babies-- singing The Wiggles one day and Guns N Roses the next. Or, even better the whole gang (mom, dad, and baby) can jam out together as a happy family. Your Obstetrics practice will always be associated with your patients fun daily dance parties and happy memories!


Please feel free to call or email me if you have any other questions on these push presents and any other gift ideas from our website.