Increase Participation at Your Local Blood Drive and Blood Donation Centers with These Unique Promotional Products

  • Mar 13, 2018

Every two seconds someone in the U.S. needs blood. And most people will need at least 3 pints on average. That’s quite a bit of blood! But with the help of multiple donors, each person can give less blood while saving more lives. Today I’m going to share 3 new and cool promotion products to hand out to participants that can be used during the blood donations at your local blood drives and blood banks.

       1)     Blood Drop Stress Relievers

-       To draw blood from a person they must have adequate blood flow to the desired area. This can be done by dangling your arm and making a fist and pumping to help get the veins to become more visible. This blood drop stress reliever is great to hand out as it helps educate people on what blood is and why it’s so important to donate-- Not to mention these stress relievers and fun to squeeze and get blood pumping!


      2)     12oz Water Bottle Standard Label

-       Being hydrated is the most important thing to remember when donating blood. Maintaining hydration keeps your blood circulating in a healthy manner and prevents feeling dizzy and light headed. These customizable water bottles are great to hand out to remind people while in line to donate to keep hydrated—which even helps speed up the blood donation process by making veins easily accessible.


       3)     Blood Bag Cold Pack

-       After your blood has been drawn and they needle is removed it’s normal to have some pain at the site. These blood bag cold packs are great to give out to blood donors as it’ll lessen the pain of the needles and is a nice educational gift as to what their individual blood donations are going to turn in to eventually.

All three of these products (and many more) can be customized with your logo for different blood donation events. Please feel free to contact us with any questions on these and any other products on our site that catch your eye!