Here's 5 ways to make a stay at the Children's Hospital fun!

  • Feb 26, 2018

Hospitals are scary and undesirable places for people of all ages, but especially children, as many are too young to grasp any real medical concepts. No child should ever have to set foot in a children's hospital, but it happens. Plush toys and fun activities are great distractions to provide these children with as it takes the realness a notch down and allows time to just be a normal playful child. 

Today I'm going to share 5 super new and unique patient gifts for children's hospitals that will make their stay in the hospital feel more like a sleepover at a friend's house. 

1) Paws N Claws Backpack

These adorable animal backpacks are such a great gift to give to children who will be coming to the children’s hospital to stay for a night or two for their tests and treatments. It turns a hospital stay into a sleepover, allowing you to prepare your personal belongings and toys to fill the hospital room and fill the void of not being home. The animals are cute and friendly and can alone bring a smile to any child’s face. 

2) Paws N Claws Coin Pouch

In addition to the cute backpack, you can add these cool coin pouches to make it a set. We can also customize matching lunch boxes, silicone phone pockets, and other matching paws n claws products to make children's' sleepover kit complete and give them comfort they need to get better.

3) Corduroy Teddy Bear Stuffed Animal

Who doesn't appreciate a good plush toy? Plush toys and cute little animals are the perfect way to distract children from the scary equipment and produces at the hospital. From your basic fluffy stuffed animal to these modern corduroy teddy bears, there are endless animal options-- so every child's favorite animal can be present with them at the children's hospital during their stay!

4) Tumbling Tower Game Set - Short Stack (Made in USA)

For children who don't care for plush toys, we also have a variety of other fun toys and games. This Jenga-like tumbling tower game is a fun activity that requires concentration which makes for another great distraction tool for children. These can be given to individual patients so they can keep them in their rooms and play while resting or in a designated play area so patients can play together and even become friends! 

5) Flashback LED Spinner

These are one one of our top-seller for children-- fidget spinners! Fidget spinners seem like mindless ojects, but they actual provide a calming and focused  self to users. They are a great for distracting children from the crying and strange noises that echos in the hospital halls by putting children's senses to the test and forcing them to focus their attention elsewhere. They also light up and just add overall swag to any child's patient gown and room. 

For questions on these and other awesome gifts for your children's hospital patients, please call or email us and we'll be happy to help!