Promoting Yoga During COVID-19: 5 Trends

  • Jul 20, 2020

Many studios and gyms have been closed, due to COVID-19, but yogis can still practice yoga from the comfort of their homes and with these must-have promotional products!


Yoga is a popular practice that burns calories, stretches tight muscles, relieves stress, improves flexibility and centers people. This custom towelsall sounds quite beneficial, especially now, during the uncertain and strange time of the novel coronavirus pandemic.


Brands can encourage people to move regularly, while staying at home, by gifting them with yoga products like the ones below.


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In today’s tech-driven world, there are many tools and pieces of equipment that combine sports and technology, and one of the most popular options is a fitness tracker. These watches count steps, track calories, monitor heart rate and much more, making them useful for those looking to analyze their stats and reach/beat goals. They can easily be worn during workouts, including yoga branded non-slip sockssessions.


A go-to item for yogis is a high-quality mat, which can be carried to class or laid out at home. As a way to encourage in-house exercise routines, companies and organizations can customize mats with their names and logos and then hand them out, sell them and give them away to employees, clients, fans, customers, investors and followers. 


During a physical activity, sweating is bound to happen, so another handy promo product to have around is a cooling towel; these come in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes, and they will definitely be appreciated!


bath salt gift with logoTo promote safety during yoga, consider opting for non-slip socks, too, as they can absorb sweat, keep feet comfortable and improve stability and balance. While many may prefer to be barefoot during yoga, accessories like these can give an extra grip during intense movements.  


Finally, after any sort of workout, a person can cool down and relax with bath salts. The soothing scents, the silky feeling they leave on the skin, the way they soothe sore muscles… This is one of those gifts that can be mailed directly out, as a way to show appreciation and spread awareness of a brand!

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