Antimicrobial Promo Gifts To Reduce Spread Of Germs

  • Jul 13, 2020

Fight off bacteria and viruses with branded antimicrobial products!


Now, more than ever, people are turning to safety, wellness and hygiene products, in order to try and slow/stop the spread of COVID-19. While washing your hands, wearing a mask and sanitizing surfaces are all wise steps to take, there are also antimicrobial items to consider, too.


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Brands, specifically, can turn to these gifts as a way to appeal to potential customers, drum up business and spread awareness during this time; all of the items below can be customized with logos, making them useful and thoughtful promotional products… which also reduce the spread of germs!

Antimicrobial promotional products

First up is an Antimicrobial Touch Free Keytag. It can be utilized to open doors, push buttons and more, and it is made of ABS, with an antimicrobial coating that eliminates the growth of bacteria.


Whether someone is taking notes, signing a receipt, jotting down a phone number or writing a check, they could and should be doing so with an Antimicrobial Click Pen. This one neutralizes over 99% of active bacteria, making it a smarter and safer choice, especially during the time of the novel coronavirus. 


This Antimicrobial Stadium Cup is another gift idea that prevents the spread of bacteria. Specifically, it fights off odor–causing bacteria, and it can go into the dishwasher!


Those who must wear badges at work, such as healthcare workers, may want to consider an Antimicrobial Lanyard; it is crafted to inhibit the growth of microorganisms and includes a sewn-in breakaway and plastic clip for keys and more.


An additional promotional product that would be great to hand out or give away is an Antimicrobial Mega Fly Swatter. Besides fighting off bacteria, it is made with a hole in it for hanging purposes, and a custom imprint can be shown off on the blade. 



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