5 Tips For Promoting Healthy Lifestyles

  • Dec 9, 2020

It is vital to remind everyone to live well!


Not everyone is interested in sports. Not every person out there would consider themselves to be athletic. Not all enjoy working out. But being healthy should be a priority for all. 


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Companies and organizations can promote healthy lifestyles and should; employees, clients and followers look to these brands, and platforms can be used to share the importance of wellness.


Some tips for doing so include the following:

health and wellness gear 


  1. Use Incentives. One wise way to encourage wellness is with incentives; everyone loves free gifts, and brands, in particular, can reward employees with items that show off names and logos. Some examples include wireless earbuds (great for the gym and for conference calls) and reusable water bottles (that can help everyone stay hydrated). 

  2. Make It Fun/Challenging. Another idea would be to add a twist. Days can be taken off of work every now and then, in order to participate in a fun run or visit an obstacle course. A contest could be set up, too, adding a little friendly competition to the mix! And activity trackers can monitor all the progress.

  3. Share Educational Information. Brands have a responsibility to educate, and this includes sharing health info. Awareness dates, news releases, infographics and guidelines can all be emailed out, posted to social media and announced in the workplace.

  4. Set An Example. Just as the public looks to businesses and associations, teams look up to their bosses, leaders and employers. Therefore, good examples should be set by all, when it comes to exercising, taking care of the mind/body and nutrition. Some tools for this include fitness kits, stress balls and trail mix.

  5. Utilize Reminders. Finally, promote healthy lifestyles by reminding everyone of the importance regularly. This can be done with posters, wellness tracking journals, giveaways, company-wide communication efforts and virtual wellness fairs. Additionally, gift sets can be drop shipped to employees at their homes, to keep that workplace unity while apart at home!

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