5 Tips For Promoting Wellness In The Workplace

  • Sep 10, 2020

To help keep employees as healthy and well as possible, keep these tricks (and promo products) in mind!


Every place of work is different, but all of them must keep health and wellness in mind. From what employees eat to how offices are cleaned, there are so many steps to take and factors to keep in mind.


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To help promote safety and well-being, brands and employers can follow the five tips below. Additionally, there are suggested tools and pieces of gear listed, as well, which can assist in this area even further.

Offer Healthy Options

First of all, make sure there are always plenty of options when it comes to lunch, insurance, desks and beyond.


This applies most to foods and drinks; if you are bringing in meals or stocking the kitchen, include plenty of healthy options, such as salad, protein bars and water


It goes beyond that, though, as there should be choices for different types of desks, for example. A standing desk can be better for posture and spine health, as can sitting on exercise balls versus desk chairs. 


Give Wellness Reminders

A wise way to keep wellness on everyone’s mind is through freebies and rewards! You can incentivize employees to live healthy lifestyles by rewarding them for good behavior, or you can regularly hand out items such as reusable bottles and stress balls.


Host Physical Outings

Many brands build up teams and boost morale with outings, so why not make these physical? Groups can walk to work together. A Saturday can be spent at a walk-a-thon for a good cause. Milestones can be celebrated by shutting down the office and heading out for a hike. Or an in-office sports team can be formed.


Additionally, employers could bring in fruit/veggie salespeople, yoga instructors, mental health professionals or massage therapists into the office!


Provide Regular Education

On a similar note, make sure everyone is receiving ample education on the topic and doing so regularly. On day one, a new hire should be given information on health plans, lunch breaks, expectations and resources.


Throughout the year, webinars, pamphlets, conferences and specialists can be utilized, in order to promote healthiness.

Sanitize, Sanitize, Sanitize

And now, more than ever, workplaces need to sanitize surfaces (including door knobs, light switches and computers) after use, as well as have plenty of hand sanitizer available for those who work there and those who may visit.


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