5 Health Gifts For The Holiday Season

  • Nov 18, 2020

Give a custom-printed and wellness-related gift in 2020!


Exchanging presents is a normal part of the holiday season, including for businesses and organizations. Bosses give to employees, brands give to clients, companies give to fans, coworkers give to one another… And giving a gift that promotes wellness, that can be branded with a logo and that will actually be utilized is a huge plus.


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Therefore, as that time of the year approaches, keep these five items in mind:


Zen Gift Box: Create calm by giving an air plant in a ceramic pot, a scented candle made from 100% sustainable plant-based wax and green-tipped matches in a glass bottle. The packaging is even zen and creative, with a magnetic closure, a card insert or hang tag and a ribbon.


Hydrating Face Mist Set: This gift set includes three face mists (cucumber, lavender and rose) that are great in the custom face mist giftmorning, after exercising, or whenever a refresher is needed.


Lavish Lavender Gift Box: Next up is an item that includes Lavender Sorbet Flowering Green Tea, a Lavender Bath Bomb and Lavender Bath Salts. Since this planet is known for its relaxing properties, anyone and everyone will be happy to receive such a set!


Face Time Gift Box: Two products that promote self-care are packaged together and can be given together. There is a mud masque with green tea antioxidants that moisturize skin and draw out impurities, and there is a jade roller that brightens complexions, reduces puffiness and promotes blood circulation. 


Tea Time Gift Box: Tea is also destressing, and this box comes with some Earl Grey, a ceramic tea cup, a candle and orange-tip matches. 


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