WSJ CEO Council Shows Wellness Programs in Top 24 Most Important Priorities for 2011

  • Nov 22, 2010

wellness programs are at top of CEO agenda
The Wall Street Journal’s annual CEO Council meeting concluded recently with the release of specific priorities that both government and business must address to restore global growth and to increase public confidence in business.

The plans voted by CEO Council members as the top two priorities each focused on job creation — leading with a call to foster global trade, followed by a call for the president to encourage a competitive business environment and be an advocate for business in general.

The CEO Council worked together in task force sessions charged with identifying and ranking the most urgent priorities. Leading subject-matter experts provided key perspectives and information for the discussion, which focused on five key topics: fresh approaches to energy and the environment, the future of global finance, creating sustainable jobs, restoring confidence in business and next step for healthcare.

At number 17 on the list, was ENGAGE/EMPOWER EMPLOYERS:

Bring employers’ perspectives, ideas and voices to the health-care realm — including granting them freedom to design innovative benefit plans that include sticks as well as carrots for healthful behaviors. Create workplace wellness programs for issues such as obesity, smoking, disease prevention — emphasizing activity.

The next decade will bring big changes in the wellness arena. Be proactive in developing an effective wellness program for your company. Return on Investment/payoff on a wellness program programs can be as high as 3:1, most surveys show. Here is a recent article we wrote on 14 ideas to help your employees reach their wellness goals that can serve as a launching pad.

Don’t put off wellness at your workplace. 2011 is around the corner.

Here’s to a healthier workplace.

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