What Are You Going to Do With Your Imprinted Pedometers Once You Have Ordered Them?

  • Sep 30, 2013

A Wellness Program is More Than Just Imprinted Pedometers

imprinted pedometrs for wellness programsAustin, Texas: So you ordered  a case of imprinted pedometers for your wellness program.  Now what?

I love imprinted pedometers for wellness programs.    I sell dozens of orders for promotional pedometers each day.

And my first question is always, “What are you going to do with them?”

Unfortunately, many have no good answer.

Just handing out promotional pedometers is not a wellness program.

If the pedometers are not being used, what is the point?

Your imprinted pedometers need to be part of an overall fitness program.

Are you incorporating them into a full wellness program?

Are you having a walking contest–daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly?

If so, be sure to have a lot of winners, so that the same few people do not win it each time.  Some ideas are most steps, biggest improvement, fewest steps (this person will never win this more than once), etc.

Are you having meetings about why you want them to become more active?

Are these explanations focused on their well-being – or just from your cost of premiums side.  That is no way to motivate.

Are you motivating your employees to be more fit by allowing them to take walking breaks throughout the day?

Are you putting posters up around your office to inspire fitness?

Are you and your other executives walking with your employees?

Are you discussing the program in a motivational way so that is on the tip of everyone’s tongue?

Is your wellness program fun?

If you make fitness fun and exciting, and keep your employees motivated, your employees will get more physically fit.

But if the imprinted pedometers get handed out and then there is no follow up, it is a complete waste of money.

Let’s inspire your employees to walk more.

What can you do each day to keep your wellness program fun, alive and motivational?

Here’s a to healthier workforce!

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