The Perfect Wellness Incentive Reward is Right in Front of You

  • May 14, 2013

finding the perfect wellness rewards or giftsDon’t Over-think Your Wellness Rewards!

Austin, Texas: I get many calls per week asking for ideas to help find the perfect gift or reward for a corporate wellness program.

So…what is the perfect wellness reward?

Well, it is simple.

The perfect wellness reward is a simple pat on the back.

That’s right!

It is a simple AND genuine pat on the back and acknowledgement from someone in management that they are doing a good job.

Preferably, this pat on the back will be made in front of a group of peers– making that recognition even more meaningful.

That’s it!

A simple  “atta boy”!

“Way to go!”

“We’re proud of you!”

“Great job!”

Don’t over-think it.

You can have the greatest wellness rewards – and if there is no acknowledgement from senior members, the program will fade fast.

Let your employees know that you are proud of their initiative on their wellness goals.

Ask them how they achieved such success- and share it with others.

Be genuine.

Be empathetic.

Keep your wellness rewards simple and your wellness program will be extremely successful.

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