The NFL Has Launched Its Own Wellness Program. Isn't it Time Your Company Did Too?

  • Jul 27, 2012

What Decisions Are Still Holding You Back From Implementing a Corporate Wellness Program?

Shouldn't your organization have a wellness program in place?

The NFL has just announced their own wellness program. Isn’t it time your organization had one too?

Austin, Texas: The NFL has just launched a wellness program for players and ex-players in the wake of recent headlines about suicides, mental health issues and head traumas.

According to a report from, Roger Goodell, NFL commissioner, says of the program, “NFL Total Wellness will empower players to make positive health decisions, promote help-seeking behaviors in connection with behavioral and mental health issues; provide education on family safety; and enhance transition programs that help players adjust to new stages of life.”

If a wellness program is fine for athletes and former athletes, don’t you think it is time for your organization to enact one?

Getting your employees inspired to make positive health changes takes time and needs motivation, incenitves and education, as well as staff support.

Mot statistics point to a 3:1 payout ratio of benefits to costs for a wellness program.

What are you waiting for?

Begin to plan for your wellness program right away.

Or, like the NFL, you will probably regret putting it off for another debate.

Here’s to a healthier workforce.