The Evidence is Clear: A Mediterranean Diet Prevents Strokes and Heart Attacks

  • Feb 27, 2013

Are You Willing To Change Your Diet After a New Report Proves That a Mediterranean Diet Can Save Your Life?

New Study Shows a Mediterranean Diet Can prevent Strokes and Heart it comes as no surprise to most of us that a new report proves that a Mediterranean diet good for the heart.

Ok, now what?

Or is that too much sacrifice for most Americans to have to make?

Americans like to think about exercise programs–and even foot themselves into thinking about fitness by buying treadmills and elliptical machines, joining gyms, etc. but in the long run, we are still an obese nation.

Can simply changing from meat 6 days a week to adding some fish 2-3 times weekly be too big a deal?

Are nuts and fruits a game stopper- or can they be gradually introduced into our diets?

This study was so overwhelming — so evident – that they stopped the clinical trials after five years because of the clear results.

Eating a Mediterranean diet helps prevent heart attacks and strokes.

Plain and simple–it helps reduce the incidence of strokes and heart attacks.

If you are waiting for a magic bullet –well…this is it!

If this new study doesn’t change your eating habits, then nothing probably will.

Let’s make it a plan to switch over to a mediteranean Diet starting this week.

New habits take time to sink in .. so plan on 30 days to a complete Mediterranean Diet for you.

Who is with me on that?

Here’s to a healthier tomorrow–starting today!