Show your appreciation this Doctors' Day with these unique promotional gifts

  • Feb 17, 2018

With Doctors' Day falling on March 30 this year, now is the time to order your favorite doctors those last-minute promotional gifts. Doctors often get over looked on this special day as they're usual hard at work with little time to converse with colleagues or relax and have a snack. 

With only a month left to shop, I wanted to spare you the stress of last-minute searching and share with you our top 5 most popular tech gifts and promotional swag items you can give to your doctors:

1) The Presidio Backpack

Doctors are busy professionals who must balance multiple patients as well all the paper work and charts that must be completed daily. Not only is our Presidio backpack one of the newest styles, it also has the perfect design and storage space to keep all paperwork in order as well as holding other personal belongings comfortably and without worry of misplacement. You can even go a step further and individualize the bag by getting each doctor's name laser etched onto the leather tag --that'll really make each doctor feel special!

2) Sonosphear Bluetooth Speaker

When there's a moment to sit and take a break from seeing patients, some doctors just want to turn on some tunesand drown out the daily drama. The Sonosphear Bluetooth speaker i

s another one of our new and unique promotion products that make for an excellent gift for doctors. You can put a full color imprint on the entire speaker that'll provide nice imagery to admire while enjoying the bold and vibrant sounds from the speaker itself. 

3) Full Cushion Custom Tube Socks

For doctors who may not be so tech savvy, socks are always a fun alternative gift that also adds some swag to any doctor's look. With 12+ hour days, mostly spent on their feet, proper footwear is key to being able to withstand the hectic pace and hardships doctors must take on on a daily basis. We can print full color logos on these socks have sizes for doctors of all sizes!

4) 16 Oz. Stainless Steel Swig Woodtone Bottle

In addition to a comfortable pair of socks, staying hydrated is a must for doctors to be able to keep up with their work. With long and and strange hours at the office or hospital, coffee is also a necessity for doctors. Amazingly enough, this sleek stainless steel bottle can keep your drinks both hot and cold. This means doctors can have their morning coffee last into the afternoon and once lunch comes around, a quick rinse of the bottle and in with the ice cold water you go-- preparing doctors to tackle the rest of their shifts. 

5) Flyington Selfie Drone

I saved the best for last! Drones are all the rage in technology and such a fun way to let loose after a long day with patients. Doctors are just like everyone else and need time to just have fun and let their dreams fly--literally! To make this drone even more impressive is that i can take videos and pictures from high above at angle no selfie stick has dared to go. These drones can be personalized to suite each individual doctor's taste and style and will provide endless hours of mindless fun- a perfect way to unwind and relax!

For more information on these gifts and other doctor swag, please email or call us and we'll be glad to help make your 2018 doctors day one to remember! 


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