Planning An Office Wellness Campaign? Follow These Tips!

  • Nov 6, 2018

Use fun activities and helpful tools to make health a priority in the office!


Health and wellness are important, so they should be a priority in the office. If you are looking to draw in new recruits with a wellness campaign or looking to increase the overall well-being of your current employees, follow these tips!


An easy way to promote a healthy lifestyle at work is to give everyone branded water bottles. They are good for the environment, good for advertising and good for staying hydrated!


Over the past couple of years, it has become more common for offices to offer a variety of desk options. From standing desks to stability balls used as chairs, giving people options can help promote overall wellness and happiness at work.


Another way to make sure health is at the forefront is to offer healthy snacks. Some places of work even order in lunch for everyone on certain days of the week, providing nutritious choices.


Business owners can also consider bringing in professionals. Employees could take a cooking class, be offered yoga on Friday mornings or could have medical professionals come in to provide information or to provide procedures such as flu shots.


A fun way to promote health and wellness at work is to get everyone involved in a group activity, such as a 5k run that benefits a local nonprofit. Plus, the martyrdom effect says that the prospect of enduring pain makes people more willing to participate in a cause, so this activity can also be meaningful!  


Similarly, you could host a challenge within the office to encourage everyone to get healthy, to get toned, to raise money for a health-related cause, to kick unhealthy habits and to get well! And, of course, the winner can receive some type of reward, since incentives are always a plus.


These are just a few ways to promote wellness at work. No matter which idea you go with, remember to make health a priority!

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