Make Sure Your Hand Sanitizer Is Approved By The FDA

  • Aug 24, 2020

This organization has a list of hand sanitizers to avoid, and we have a selection of germ-fighting products that are safe and approved to use!


Recently, the U.S. Food & Drug Administration expanded its list of hand sanitizers to avoid. 


fda approved spray hand sanitizer with logoSince the COVID-19 pandemic has started, this product has been a hot commodity, and one may think that all types are created equal. However, consumers must be aware of factors such as the ingredients that are added in or left out and how much of each ingredient is included. 


The FDA’s list of hand sanitizers not to use can be found here, and FDA-approved hand sanitizers can be found below. Each item can be customized with names, logos and colors, and all of them are wise to keep around, when it comes to promoting overall wellness. 


The Cozy Clip 0.5 Oz Hand Sanitizer is an antibacterial gel that features moisturizing beads with aloe, vitamin E and a citrus scent.


The Spray Pen Hand Sanitizer provides a quick and easy way to sanitize hands, surfaces, belongings and more. fda approved hand sanitizer with logo


The Palais 1 Oz Hand Sanitizer has a lemon scent, comes in four colors and works to prevent the spread of germs.


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