Limit Your Wellness Program Topics to One Per Meeting for Best Results

  • Jun 13, 2013

Too Many Wellness Program Topics Can Harm Your Wellness Program Very Quickly

limit your wellness program to one topic per meetingAustin, TX:  Is your wellness program themes scatter-shot like a shotgun – -or laser-focused on a wellness topic of the month?

Are you focusing on five wellness issues each meeting – and covering them all poorly?

Too many companies seem to go from one health care or wellness topic at a time and their employees tend to give up or ignore the discussions completely.

What works better is to have a monthly wellness meeting and discuss one wellness/health care topic–such as smoking cessation, exercise, diet and nutrition, etc.

Only one.

That’s right– just one wellness topic per meeting.  

That’s all!

Meet monthly and educate, leave behind information and suggestions, such as wellness info guides, booklets, etc.

Cover that topic in depth.

Let your employees know what topic will be discussed that month — and have prizes for best question, attendance, etc.

Keep it fun.

Keep it interesting.

Keep it short.

Keep it on target.

You will find these discussions and meetings to yield better results for your wellness program.

Keep the information overload to a minimum.

Here’s to a healthier workforce!