Is Your Wellness Program Rewarding The Same Winners Each Time?

  • Sep 23, 2013

Is You Wellness Program Discouraging Your Least Physically Fit Employees?

ideas to improve your wellness programAustin, Texas: One of the problems with most wellness programs is that they seem to reward the same people–month after month.

That is a common mistake of most incentive programs –the ones that need it the most seem to have no chance and the big prizes–while the ones who need it the least tend to win the biggest rewards and prizes.

Is that happening with your own corporate wellness incentive program?

Maybe it is time to re-structure your wellness program so that the leas fit employees have a clear path to easy victory.

Inertia plays a vital role – and getting your least fit employees to start making gradual change can make or break their success.

Coaching, encouragement, atta-boys, and recognition, inspiration and motivation are critical to get these less active employees to begin their exercise, fitness, wellness routines.

Do not ignore the most physically fit–but perhaps offer different levels or tiers so that all employees can win rewards or prizes.

Keep in mind it is your least physically fit employee that cost you the most in insurance premiums.

Isn’t it worth it to structure a wellness program to inspire change in this area of the program?

Your least fit employees will need the most time, the most hand-holding, the most encouragement and recognition, etc. — but you will get your biggest gains from this group.

Be sure this group gets motivated.

Be sure to allow your least physically fit to be able to win great rewards from your wellness program.

It will offer the highest ROI you can achieve.

Here’s a to healthier workforce!

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