In The Pet Industry? Try These Items To Market Yourself!

  • Jan 23, 2019

Give out these reminders and rewards in order to grow your pet-related brand!


Have an event coming up? Looking to draw in more clients? Want to host a giveaway? Then turn to imprinted promotional products! Wellness Incentives Plus has tons of great items that can help spread the news of your business. In particular, we offer numerous pet-related products that can help grow your vet clinic, kennel, dog-walking company, pet store, grooming brand and more!


It is vital for companies to make sure they are advertising and performing community outreach. This not only leads to more traffic and more business, but it also builds up credibility, as you can further become a leader in your space.


Therefore, in order to remind your audience about your product(s)/service(s) and reward your fans, we suggest the following items:

Our website offers bandannas for large dogs and for small ones. These are great for accessorizing pets or for serving as billboards of sorts at outdoor events.



When it comes to outdoor events and promotions, toys are also a smart option. From flyers and fetch toys to ones that crunch after simply putting a plastic water bottle in them, pups will love these!


After pets get hyper, hand out dog leashes to owners, as a way to market your business further. Our site offers a great nylon one and a retractable one.


Gifts centered around food are always welcomed and appreciated, as well. We have folding dog bowls, collapsible ones, food scoopers, bags that hold treats and even dog bone cookies that can have your name/logo on them!   


Remind fans and customers to pick up after their pets with products like these: bag dispensers, dispensers with flashlights and a dual-purpose treat container and waste bag dispenser.


We also offer kits that would be perfect to give away at expos or events. The Cinch Tote Dog First Aid Kit contains scissors, tweezers, gloves, first aid tape, two gauze pads and two antiseptic towelettes, and the Home Pet Kit includes a food scoop, a bowl and a can lid cover.