Improved City Infrastructure Might Pave Path for More Everyday Biking

  • Jul 11, 2013

Biking to Work

Hundreds of bicycles stacked up at a Copenhagen Metro station

Americans Need to Improve the Infrastruture to Increase Daily Bicycling for Typical Transportation Needs

Austin, Texas: I just came back from a Scandinavian vacation– and those people bike EVERYWHERE –especialy in Denmark.

This photo is from a Metro station and you can see hundreds of bicycles stacked up. I saw the same thing at shopping centers, restaurants, etc.

In Copenhagen, they have designated bike lanes throughout the city–and most are elevated a few inches to stand out more.

That nation is raised on biking and people of all ages were using bikes for the majority of their transportation needs. I saw students, moms and dads, business people in their suits and dresses, and many senior citizens–riding their bikes instead of driving.

In fact, I’d estimate that most of the cars and buses in the streets were for tourists–cabs, hop on-hop off tourist buses, etc.

Now, compare that to most US cities–and that should tell you something about Americans overall lack of committment to exercise..and poor city planning.

Wouldn’t it be great if there were well demarcated bicycle lanes throughout your city? Not just on a few scenic hills–but instead of a car lane?

Would that encourage you to bike to work more often?

Would that encourage your employees to do the same?

Perhaps it is time to press forward with this discussion– because it is a much cleaner and healthier option for all.