How To Stay Healthy When Returning To Work

  • May 27, 2020

COVID-19 has caused closures and shutdowns, but now, businesses are opening back up, employees are returning to their jobs, and workplaces—now, more than ever—need to ensure safety and wellness.


Due to the novel coronavirus, many brands have had to close their doors over the past couple of months, but numerous states and spots are reopening now. Therefore, extra measures must be taken by all, in order to slow the spread and promote health.


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While this will vary by location, industry, size and goals, there are some general guidelines that are wise to keep in mind no matter what. Furthermore, some states and businesses have accommodations in place regarding those who, say, are pregnant, suffer from severe anxiety or have a serious underlying health condition; know the rules that apply to you, make sure your brand is doing its part, and follow the tips below to try and keep everyone well!


ONE: Wash Your Hands

Obviously, the washing of hands is a top way to get rid of germs. Everyone should be doing this several times a day, and workplaces should make sure there are sinks, soaps, dryers and sanitizers available at all times. 


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TWO: Sanitize Everything Else

In addition to keeping hands clean, there are also phones, desks, light switches, tables, doorknobs and so much more to sanitize, too! This should be a joint effort, with everyone taking the time to wipe down their work areas and personal belongings regularly.


Make sure to also check out OSHA’s Guidance on Preparing Workplaces for an Influenza Pandemic, which has steps to take for cleaning.


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THREE: Keep Your Distance

When returning to work, it is important to still try and keep your distance as much as possible. At stores, this means putting up a guard between you and the customers. In offices, this may lead to more virtual meetings instead of in-person ones. 


It will take some creativity and getting used to, and thankfully, digital advancements can assist a lot in this area. 


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FOUR: Utilize Covers & Masks 

Additionally, it is smart to utilize covers and masks. For instance, keep your belongings covered up and put away, and cover your mouth when you sneeze, cough or yawn. It is also still recommended that everyone wear a mask, and your brand can even get custom ones that show off your logo!

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FIVE: If You’re Sick… 

And if anyone does get sick or show symptoms… Go home! Isolate! Rest! Stop the spread!


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