How Can You Motivate Your Least Fit Employees in a Wellness Program?

  • Apr 29, 2013

Ideas to motivate the least healthy employees in an employee wellness programHow Can Your Employee Wellness Program Help Inspire The Least Healthy Employees?

Austin, Texas: Too many wellness programs are not reaching those employees who most need it.

Many wellness programs seem to reward the most fit employees while leaving those that are most in need to quit too early or never get started in the first place.

My advice is to identify the group that most needs addressing with a wellness program – and work it backwards to get this group involved.

Your least fit employees are costing your company the most money in terms of insurance premium creep and, most likely, sick days.

Get this group together in a series of private meeting and get their feedback.

Ask them questions.

Seek their advice on how best to get them involved.

Try to understand their objections.

And come up with an alternative plan for these employees.

Maybe counseling might be needed for self-esteem or other issues.

Yes, the 80-20 rule will also be apparent in your employee wellness program. 20% of your employees will accumulate 80% of the points, prizes or rewards.

But don’t neglect the 20% of your employees that are not actively involved or engaged in your wellness program.

Ignore them at your own risk.

They may need more time, more hand holding and more specific goals and objectives, as well as more follow up.

But the results will be worth it.

More fit employees.

Happier employees.

Less costly employees.

It’s a win-win situation that makes this additional time expenditure well worth it..

What are you going to do to address the least fit 20% of your employees today?

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