Holiday Wellness Gifts: 5 Best-Selling Promo Zen Garden & Garden Kits

  • Nov 23, 2022

Give the gift of gardening this year, encouraging others to breathe in…and breathe out…!


At Wellness Incentives Plus, we focus on gifts that encourage well-being – from custom-printed fitness gear to branded self-care kits. We encourage brands to help promote overall wellness, and the holiday season is a wonderful time to do so.


When buying gifts for clients, employees, fans, and more, consider a promotional product that will keep your business/association top of mind and that will also be useful and thoughtful. A top suggestion is a zen garden or a garden kit. These bring a little bit of the outdoors in, adding green touches to home offices, cubicles, and other workspaces. They bring a sense of calm, as well, reminding recipients to slow down, take a breath, and regroup.


Zen Garden with Candle 

This gift reminds people of what's truly important, as it calms the senses. It features a vanilla-scented candle, light-colored sand, a small rake, and zen rocks.


Gratitude Succulent Box 

Up next is an option that comes with a small succulent in a white pot, along with a "Gratitude " rock and moss in a wood box. Additional selections include rocks that say “Inspire” and “Balance.”


Air Plant Terrarium Kit 

An air plant terrarium makes for such a great present, and this one can sit on flat surfaces or hang up by its hook. 


Zen Gift Box 

To create a meditative calm, consider this gift box, consisting of an air plant in a ceramic pot, a Spanish cedar-scented candle made from 100% sustainable plant-based wax, and green-tipped matches in a clear glass bottle. 



Heart, Mind, Soul Garden in Eco-Friendly Grocan 

With lavender seeds, peat pellets, and a biodegradable fiber pot, this comes with everything needed to grow a little garden.


Find more promotional zen gardens and custom garden kits here


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