Healthy Lifestyles - 10 Pieces Of Swag Under $5

  • Nov 6, 2019

Want to support healthy lifestyles? Then consider these promotional products under $5!


A sports startup could be throwing a launch party and needing to provide everyone with favors. An organization could be sponsoring a team or a fun run and wanting to hand out refreshments. An office could be starting a wellness program. A business may want to spread awareness about an upcoming health celebration. 


No matter how your brand is encouraging healthy lifestyles, Wellness Incentives Plus has the swag needed to make it happen. Plus, all of the useful and thoughtful items on this list are all under $5!


So whether a company is searching for promotional products related to hygiene, the gym, hydration or stress-relief, these are 10 pieces of swag to consider:


20 oz Wide Mouth Aluminum Bottle for $3.99 - $4.89

healthy promotional products under $5

Essential Oil Infused Bath Salts in 3" Round Tube for $2.58 - $3.35 

promotional products under $5

Compact Personal First Aid Kit for $1.15 - $1.51

health products under $5 

Heavy Adult Tee Shirt for $3.18

products under $5

Non-Woven Drawstring Bag for $0.48 - $0.77

health swag

Exercise Band for $3.37 - $4.07

health gift 

Fitness First Pedometer for $2.64 - $3.00

branded health item

Round Stress Reliever for $0.84 - $1.07

company health

10 Ml. CleanZ Pen Hand Sanitizer for $0.85 - $1.18

wellness products

Flowwrapped Nature Valley Granola Bars for $1.281 - $1.512

health food

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