First Step in a Wellness Program: Define WHY You Want to Run One

  • Sep 11, 2013

Why Does Your Company Want to Run a Wellness Program?

reasons to run a wellness programsAustin, Texas: I read a recent benchmark study from BSwift, where they listed the reasons why companies choose to run wellness programs.

77% run a wellness program to reduce/manage healthcare costs

11% run them because “it’s the right thing to do”

8% run them to improve employee presenteeism and productivity

2% run wellness programs to offer employees additional perks to attract and retain talent

1% offer these programs because “everyone else is doing it”.

Really, 12% of companies are doing wellness programs because it feels right or everyone else is doing them. Crazy!

Without a solid plan, your wellness program is doomed to failure.

A solid wellness program needs to have clear objectives and a planned approach to helping your employees reach and exceed those goals.

If the program is poorly defined, not well thought out and without a detailed plan of approach, it is no wonder so many wellness programs are not successful in changing behaviors.

Why do you want to run a wellness program?

If you can’t give three or four solid reasons for doing so, then I would suggest tabling it until you can and do decide on the reasons to run one.

Wellness programs are effective in behavior modifications if done correctly.

If not, they are a complete waste of time and gives the entire wellness industry a black eye.

Now, why do you want to run a wellness program?

Take some time and list your reasons.

Then, show it to management and see if your reasons match.

Hopefully they do.

If not, hash it out until there is agreement.

Here’s a to healthier workforce!

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