Encouraging The Practice Of Yoga

  • Jun 5, 2019

Yoga is a physical, mental and spiritual practice. In order for your brand to encourage more people to partake in this workout, we have come up with the following promotional ideas.


Each idea will boost wellness, exercise and de-stressing; will bring more awareness to your product(s)/service(s); and will equip fans and followers with swag that is cool and useful and that will market your business!


Sell Leggings

yoga leggings

While celebrating yoga, people need to look the part, so you can sell leggings. There are so many styles, cuts, colors and prints from which to choose, and they can all be imprinted with your company info, as well.


Give Away Mats

branded yoga mat

Yoga mats are a necessity, so give these away at industry events you attend and/or to the first people who show up to class!


Hand Out Water Bottles

branded water bottles

To bring awareness to this practice, many people may host special sessions or put on events that gather together everyone in the wellness/physical fitness realm. If your brand is going to something like this, you definitely need to come with swag, and we recommend water bottles; not only will those who get one be able to stay hydrated, but they will also serve as a walking billboard for your company.


Equip Everyone With Stress Balls

branded stress balls

An easy way to let everyone know about yoga is to make sure everyone - in your office, who comes into your studio, who is at your house, who comes into class - is equipped with a stress ball. With this piece of swag, people can stay relaxed in between their workouts!


Host A Raffle

yoga promotion

Last but not least, we want everyone to consider hosting a raffle. It will get crowds excited, it will draw attention to your business, and will allow one lucky winner to receive something like this class kit, which comes with a yoga mat, a block and a fitness duffel bag.