Developing a Heart Health Program For Your Employees

  • Jan 25, 2018

Tips for a Better Heart Health Fitness Program

 As you all know the New Year brings those pesky health and fitness goals back from the dead, ready to haunt us all throughout 2018. January seems to be the month everyone decides it’s time to get back on track and commit to a healthier lifestyle and their overall well-being. And with American Heart Month coming up in February, now would be a perfect time to share a few wellness gift ideas to hand out in the office to your employees, to get and keep them motivated to make their heart health a priority. 

Since walking is the most basic form of exercise and used daily, I figured we’d start here. Pedometers or fitness tracking bands are a great tool to provide employees. Not only is it a great tracking device, but it gives employees the ability to view their progress in real time, giving them a that instant gratification and motivation to keep walking. 

Now that we have employees walking their butts off, you know they're going to get thirsty--so why not provide them with a water bottle. With a water bottle in hand, employees with be able to focus on getting their fitness on while quenching their thirst simultaneously--meaning more time to focus on fitness goals and less time recovering. 

When walking gets boring, why not start jumping! Jump ropes are an "oldie but a goodie" when it comes to exercise equipment. If I may get personal for a quick second, I'm one of the laziest people when it comes to exercising, mostly because of my short attention span, but nevertheless, it's still an important part of my daily fitness routine. I'd much rather jump rope in 5-minute intervals for half an hour than run a mile. Both activities probably take the same amount of energy, but with a breaks between the jumping rope intervals, I'm more likely to stick with that full workout routine for 30 minutes than running continuously that whole time. Maybe it's just me, but maybe other in your office feel similarly towards working out. 

Once your employees have exhausted their bodies with a good workout, they'll need to refuel. Providing healthy snacks for employees' both at their individual work spaces as well as the break room is a great way to show you  are just as committed to your employees' health as they as and you're willing to help them stay on track with their goals. This creates a more inclusive environment, which makes getting healthy easier and more of a team effort-- ultimately increasing moral in the workplace as well as efficiency. 

With employees working hard in and out of the workplace to stay on track with wellness goals, there are other very simple exercise gear that you can provide your employees with that will remind them on a daily basis what they're working towards. I really like the heart-shaped badge reels. They're a helpful reminder and a cute way to spice up your name badge at work. With name badges being worn in the workplace everyday, not only is the person wearing the heart-shaped badge reel reminded to be mindful of their heart health, it also is seen by others in the office and even outside of the office (on your lunch break, in a crowded subway on the way home, etc) to be mindful of their own heart health as well. Although a small item, don't let that deter you from the big health and fitness goals it can create.

If you want to learn more about our other heart heath items or have any other questions, please visit our website learn more and feel free to call or email (info on website)! 

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