Custom Yoga & Resistance Exercise Bands

  • Feb 15, 2018

Yoga bands, loop bands, resistance bands-- you name it --we have it! All of these exercise bands are such great and easy tools to help aid in stretching, warming up or cooling down, and even for strengthening and toning. 

The best part about resistance bands is how small and portable they are. Resistance bands are a great hand out at health fairs and even among employees at your company. Some people in the community have limited access to proper exercise equipment or workout programs, but by providing them with these loop bands and simple instructions on how they can be used, you eliminate the need for expensive gyms and are still encouraging community members to be proactive in their health and well-being.  For companies that have workplace wellness programs or at least want to encourage their employees to maintain a healthy lifestyle, resistance bands can be given to each employee to use. Employees can keep the exercise bands at their desk since they're so compact and when it's necessary to take a stretch break they can gran their band and simply get a nice stretch or quick arm workout in without even leaving your desk. 

Since the world or resistance bands is so vast, I thought I'd make it easy and show you our three most popular bands:

1) Light Resistance Body Sport 3' x 5" Exercise Band

These are your good ol' classic resistance bands. These are a basically just long rope of latex but can be used in the most unconventional manners. For example, at nursing homes and senior living these bands have been a huge hit with the group exercise classes. Most nursing homes and senior livings provide each resident with their own resistance band and shows them how to use them properly in a group setting, making it easier to learn and it helps to keep the residents exercising and healthy -- No one is ever too old to start making more health conscious decisions! 



2) Latex Stretch Yoga Strap Band 

These yoga straps have been one of our most popular. The loop bands are especial great because they're even easier than the basic resistance bands--making them great for all ages. For example, at health fairs we've had client's provide school-aged children bands and show them how to put them over and up their legs and the simple moves they can do (while watching TV or playing games). This has been a great tool to get kids active and lower the childhood obesity rates that are climbing ever so steeply in America. 


 3) Resistance Band Kit

These are personally one of my favorites as well as with our customers. These kits are great as they provide two different types of resistance bands-- allowing more stretches and workout moves to be utilized-- which makes a healthy lifestyle seem fun and easy rather than an annoyance. The drawstring backpack is also a great addition as it allows for easy storage and transportation of the resistance bands. You can also carry you water bottle, cooling towel, and all other workout gear in the backpack with ease, leaving your hands free for other needs. 


All of these bands come in in different resistance strengths, ranging from Extra Light to Extra Heavy, and are color-coordinated accordingly. Please email or call us to find out more about these awesome bands!