Cannabis & CBD: Positive Effects On Mental Health During The Pandemic

  • Aug 26, 2020

These five items containing CBD can lead to advantages regarding health and wellness.


custom cbd tincture with logoThe cannabis and CBD industry has seen a significant rise in the past few years, thanks to the wellness benefits these can provide. Tinctures, mints, oils and beauty products are just a few of the products that can contain CBD, leading to positives such as reduced stress, better sleep and relieved pain.


Cannabis and CBD can help people slow down and calm down, giving bodies the rest and relaxation they need… especially during the coronavirus pandemic. Life, in general, can be stressful, but adding COVID-19 into the mix has led to more anxiety and worry.


Therefore, we suggest the following five CBD-infused products; they can all be customized with names and logos on them, making them beneficial pieces to use for marketing to potential customers, incentivizing employees and appealing to fans. eco-friendly cbd bath bomb


CBD Lip Balm: Containing 45mg of CBD oil, this product helps to improve overall lip health, fight visible aging signs and soften and hydrate lips without irritation. Its small size and affordability makes it great to include in swag bags and welcome kits. 


CBD Lotion: This item features 200 mg of CBD Lotion, a flip-top lid and all-natural ingredients. Its soft and soothing elements can lead to ultimate relaxation, in a luxurious way!


CBD Tincture: Made from USA-grown hemp, this tincture is available in mint, berry, lemonade and an unflavored option. With 250mg, it can be added to foods or beverages and can be absorbed quickly. 

promotional cbd mints 

CBD Bath Bomb: This five-ounce CBD bath bomb comes wrapped in clear cellophane, with a customizable ribbon color. Its clean and crisp scent of ocean and salt water provides the perfect way to unwind at the end of a long day. 


CBD Mints: These sugar-free treats contain 10mg of CBD oil per mint and can be used to assist with healing chronic pain, depression, inflammation and more. 

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