Build Up Awareness & Business With Kitchen-Themed Promos

  • Jan 8, 2020

A big part of wellness is nutrition. Therefore, brands can turn to kitchen-themed promotional items, in order to spread a message of healthy eating and to spread the news of their products/services.


Just think of all the employees that carry lunch boxes to work. Think about all the customers that carry blender bottles to the gym. And imagine if those products had your company’s logo on them. Customization like this is a smart way to get your brand in front of a larger crowd. 


To partake in this sort of marketing, start with the following products, which can all be used in the heart of the home and beyond: the kitchen.


Food Scales

A scale like one of these can come in quite handy, whether it is used to weigh out the right amount of baby food during a feeding, ingredients for a dish, medications for a patient or entire meals when it comes to portion control and counting calories. 

food scales


Lunch Bags

Small and portable insulated coolers are always good to hand out and give away; people can use them daily when carrying a lunch to work or school, and they can be used on other outings, such as picnics, concerts and field trips. Just think of all the brand awareness this could bring about for you, as well as all the business that it could lead to, as well!

lunch bags


Health Guides

A good thing to have on a table/at a booth would be guides such as the following. They are full of information and tips and can serve as helpful references on health, nutrition, physical fitness and overall wellness. 

health guides


Kitchen Containers

Boxes that hold leftovers and snacks… Vitamin and pill organizers… Reusable lunch holders… All of these are objects people use every single day, and they can be enhanced with names and logos of brands, companies and organizations!

food containers


Protein Shakers

With bottles like these, fans, employees, customers and others can effectively mix up and infuse their drinks and beverages, such as protein shakes and cucumber water. 

protein shaker


It is important for all brands to promote wellness, and that includes encouraging healthy eating with items like the ones on this list… items that can be branded, handed out, given away and seen by all! 


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