5 Ideas For Lung Cancer Awareness Month

  • Oct 1, 2019

November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month, and during this time especially, individuals, companies and organizations like the Lung Cancer Foundation of America (LCFA) work to promote the need for more research and awareness of this disease. 


Lung cancer kills 433 Americans every day, so even if you do not work in the health industry, there are ways that you can celebrate this month.


 Lung Cancer Awareness MonthONE - Wear a pearl or white ribbon.

Many causes have a specific ribbon associated with them, and for lung cancer, it is a white or a pearl one. A pin like this can be worn by your employees, handed out to attendees and/or included with purchases made during November.


TWO - Give away promotional items.

Similarly, there are other items that can be given out during Lung Cancer Awareness Month, as a way to encourage people to learn more, such as pencils, fact sheets, wellness reminders and personal care products.  


THREE - Share information with others.

Since a big part of this holiday is educating the public, your brand can share info, stats, data and websites pertaining to this disease, whether through marketing materials, newsletters, meetings or social media platforms. 


FOUR - Make a donation to lung cancer research.

To go a step further, monetary efforts can be made, so that further research can be completed on ways to prevent and fight lung cancer. Lung Cancer Awareness


FIVE - Thank donors with a gift.

If applicable, a company or association can thank those who donate with a special gift like a fitness watch, office supplies or another health incentive


So this November, remember to promote research and awareness of this disease.