4 Keys to Successful Healthy Eating Campaigns

  • Sep 16, 2014

Healthy Eating Campaigns Can Go a Long Way to Behavioral Changes

wellness programs and healthy eating campaigns

Austin, Texas: Healthy eating campaigns are one of the fastest growing sectors of health and wellness programs.

Are you promoting healthy eating habits?

No wellness, nutrition or weight loss program is complete without behavioral modification- and encouraging smaller portion sizes, more fruits and vegetables and other healthy eating habits is crucial to its success.

Robert Piller, President of Wellness Incentives Plus says, “We have seen a 180% increase in sales of promotional products to tie in to healthy eating campaigns this year.  Everything from insulated food containers to encourage employees and students to pack a healthy meal, promotional salad shakers, imprinted kitchen utensils to promote the message at home , food scales and more.”

Reinforce your weight loss or nutrition program by keeping it front and center in the minds of your employees, students or community.

Have your health message be seen at the home, in their car, at work or school and at play.

Also, have an incentive for employees that bring healthy snacks to work.

Have meetings to discuss nutrition and healthy eating.

Encourage and share healthy recipes, snack ideas, etc.

Keep nutrition and portion control at the forefront  of your healthy eating campaign.

Education. Motivation. Rewards. Repeat.

Those are the 4 keys to any healthy eating campaign.

Be consistent in these 4 steps and you will have great success.

Here’s to a happier and healthier workforce.

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