10 Ways To Promote Your Brand With Custom-Printed Spa Kits

  • Sep 11, 2023

Get in front of your target audience with branded self-care spa sets!


comfy travel kitFrom social media and press mentions to trade shows and print ads, there are endless opportunities outbulk-self-care-kit there, when it comes to marketing a business. In today’s day and age, promotional products can help advertise in a very successful, memorable way. In fact, promo products are consumers’ favorite form of advertising, as reported by ASI Central.

When selecting merch, you need to go with something thoughtful and useful…something that will actually be utilized…something that will remind the recipient of your brand each time they use the gift…something like branded spa kits


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With logo face masks, imprinted bath bombs, and customized robes, your company/organization can


  1. Remind employees to stay well: By giving out self-care gifts, you can ensure your staff has a way to breathe in…and breathe out…while in the office, commuting, or at home.  
  2. Include gifts with purchases: At times, businesses offer free gifts with select purchases. This can incentivize shoppers to buy a certain amount of product or spend a certain amount of money. 
  3. Host social media giveaways: A wise way to grow your online presence is with a giveaway, and logo spa gear is something any/everyone would like to have!
  4. Distribute handy trade booth swag: Similarly, these items can be handed out at trade shows, in order to draw people into your booth and stay top of mind with attendees. 
  5. Show client appreciation: Whether you gained a new client or an existing one reached a milestone, you can show how much you care by shipping custom spa kits to them. 
  6. Create a cohesive look at events: If you’re having a launch party or holiday party, you can enhance the ambiance when using logo-printed self-care items. 
  7. Incorporate freebies to encourage sales: As with gifts with purchases, freebies can be included on, say, select weekends when a specific sale is happening. 
  8. Give promotional presents: Business owners can promote their products/services by gifting any/everyone branded items…ranging from drinkware and apparel to fitness trackers and CBD
  9. Advertise while out and about: When you personally use self-care goodies that are imprinted with your brand’s name, you are gaining impressions. People may see you at the gym, while traveling, or at a sporting event, and they may just become a new customer!
  10. Welcome new hires: No onboarding kit is complete without a stress reliever, perfect for those tough days. 

These are just a few of the ways to increase brand awareness and overall business with custom-branded self-care kits. Keep browsing Wellness Incentives Plus for even more wellness-focused promo merch!

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