10 Reasons To Host An Employee Spa Day

  • Feb 3, 2023

Thank your employees with spa services, which can boost morale, productivity, retention, and more!


When people need to unwind, many choose to head to the spa. These luxurious locations offer services such as body wraps, face masks, and mud baths, meant to refine both physically and mentally.


Your workplace staff needs the chance to relax regularly, and a thoughtful way to show you care is with an employee spa day: You can hand out gift cards, book a locale for the day, bring professionals into the office, or even give everyone custom-printed spa products that can be used at work, at home, and beyond. 


Reasons to host a day of spa services for your employees include: 


travel self care kitImproved employee morale: Spa services like massages and pedicures are typically used as forms of self-care. Bringing these destressing activities straight to your workplace will help everyone relax and enjoy themselves.


Increased productivity: In turn, after a physical and emotional boost, productivity will increase! 


Increased creativity: And creativity will, as well, with something new, different, and beneficial sparking new, different, beneficial ideas.  


Better team cohesion: Team building activities bring coworkers together; departments that don’t normally see each other get the chance to hang out, and everyone from interns to CEOs shares the fun experience.  


Reduced absenteeism: Similarly, when a treat like this is presented, employees will show up…and will continue to do so, after being recognized and rejuvenated. 


Increased employee retention: In the midst of a workforce shortage, it is important to give back, since employee appreciation can lead to an increase in employee retention. 


custom spa productsImproved company culture: You show gratitude to your team…you bring everyone together…you prioritize employee well-being…you see a boost in loyalty and motivation…All of this combined leads to an improved company culture!


Improved work-life balance: Along the same lines, an in-office spa day assists in the area of work-life balance; these go-to services get workers away from their desks and into a relaxing state.  


Better employee health: Of course, manicures, body treatments, reflexology, and similar options are also great for employee health. In today’s day and age, especially, it is vital to promote and contribute to the physical and mental well-being of your staff.


The chance to gift everyone branded spa items: As mentioned, this can all be personalized with employee appreciation gifts that focus on self-care and that feature your brand’s name, logo, and colors. Examples include spa gifts centered around hand care, bath bombs & scrubs, and trimming sets – but find more here, and remember to regularly show your workplace how much you care!

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