10 New Wellness Products For On-The-Go Women Traveling This Summer

  • May 10, 2023

Encourage travelers to have fun and to be well with custom wellness gear.


Summertime is for travel adventures, and whether you’re heading to a corporate retreat, beach resort, wellness spa, glamping destination, or yacht club, you need to pack the essentials.


branded sunscreen and lip balm combo setYou need to make sure your phone is charged up so it can take lots of photos. You need the right types of bags for all of your belongings. You need cute summer clothes and coordinating accessories. You need self-care products that will make your trip even better. And all of this (and beyond) can be found through Wellness Incentives Plus. 


What’s more is that these products are fully customizable. Swimsuits can have employees’ names on them, coolers can boast an event logo, sunscreen can be labeled with a brand’s motto…The list goes on and on.


So if you’re an on-the-go woman OR if traveling women make up your target audience, consider the custom-printed wellness products below.


Fanny packs are all the rage right now, and our recycled sling bags offer full-color sublimated art; choose from 10 mix-and-match colors for the strap, buckle, and zipper, resulting in 1,000 color combinations!


Keep devices juiced up AND keep the party going all night with a solar power bank + LED flashlight.


These round retro sunglasses feature stylish frames and UV protection for travel, outdoor events, hiking, camping, beach resorts, and more.


Keep things dry while paddleboarding, kayaking, hiking, and exploring. Brands like Urban Peak and Osprey make waterproof bags for gear, and they are super handy.


On a similar note, a waterproof cooler backpack is a must-have travel item, as it can store and carry lunches, snacks, water, and other drinks.


The meals and treats that are carried on adventures can be packed in convenient and reusable food storage bags, which can then be reused over and over again.


Fun in the sun is great, but don’t forget to protect your skin! A sunscreen & lip balm combo is perfect for retreat gift bags, for event swag bags,custom recycled fanny pack and for marketing your club/resort.


Packing for summer travel is not complete without a swimsuit. We recommend the custom sublimated bath suits for women and mid-thigh board shorts for men.


A trendy (and eco-friendly!) summer accessory is this recycled puff puff bucket hat. The puffy material makes it an Instagram-worthy option, and the brim helps block out the sun’s harmful rays.


Finally, consider branded hammocks -- a wise and wonderful choice for a mid-hike nap, camping out, stargazing, and reading a book at the park. 


Wherever adventure takes you during the upcoming summer months, we hope you have fun, we hope you stay safe & well, and we hope you consider our branded gifts & gear, which have been promoting mind, body, and wellness since 1956!


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