Why Pedometers Should be a Standard Part of Every Corporate Wellness Program

  • Oct 25, 2010

imprinted pedometers should be a part of every wellness programAccording to a survey by Kaiser Permanente, 93% of firms with 200 or more employees that are offering health benefits are also offering a particular wellness program to their employees (Percent of Firms Offering Particular Wellness Programs 2009). According to some studies, a wellness program can offer up to a 6:1 return on investment, so the numbers speak for themselves.

One of the most popular features of most corporate wellness programs are weight loss programs, which , according to the same survey, are being offered by 53% of the larger firms.

In addition to education about nutrition and exercise, the number one selling wellness reminder continues to be imprinted pedometers.

Why pedometers?

When asked how far a person has walked in a given day, most people would not be able to identify it within a few miles. A step counter pedometer allows a way to keep track of distance, which can add up in the course of a day—including walking to and from the parking lot, walking between meetings, visits to other departments, and taking short walk around the block, etc.


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