Wellness Program Participation Leads to Improved Employee Loyalty

  • Jul 25, 2012

Infographic on Benefits of Employee Wellness Programs

Austin, Texas: I saw this excellent infographic on wellness programs from HealthFitness.com and it shows, among other stats, that employees who participate in wellness programs are more likely to be loyal to their employer.

Interesting facts on correlation between employee wellness and employee loyalty

If you have been trying to justify the cost/benefits of an employee wellness program but still needed more ammunition, well this fact alone should make sway your boss toward its implementation.

Employees that participate in your wellness program feel a greater sense of partnership toward your firm, which is one of the main reasons why loyalty increases.

We have blogged extensively on the ROI of employee wellness programs – which is said to be a 3:1 return.

Healthier & More Productive Employees.

More Loyal Employees.

Reduced Insurance Premiums.

What more incentive does your company need to get a wellness program approved?

Here’s to a healthier — and more loyal –workforce.