Study Shows Incentives Improve Participation in Corporate Wellness Programs

  • Oct 30, 2010

corporate wellness incentivesDo incentives help drive greater participation in a wellness program and Health Risk Assessment?

Well, according to a recent study published in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, titled “Incentives and Other Factors Associated with Employee Participation in Health Risk Assessments,” the strongest predictors of HRA completion are “the monetary value of incentives” and the employers’ level of “communication and organizational commitment.”

This study was one of the largest studies down on this topic, as it included data from 124 employers in a variety of industries with 882,275 eligible employees who completed 344,825 health and productivity assessments.

“The results show that a healthy corporate culture with good communications, employee involvement and leadership support, a concept we refer to as Com/Org, is essential if employers want to achieve high participation rates in their programs,” says Michael S. Taitel, Ph.D., vice president of the Alere Center for Health Intelligence and lead author of the study.

The metric known as Com/Org (Communications & Organizational Commitment) was created by the research team to represent the employer characteristics supporting their health promotion programs.


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