Simple Weight Loss Incentive Helps Employees Shed Pounds for a Cause

  • Aug 24, 2010 helps companies to motivate their employees to lose weightEmployees at one Wisconsin chain are finding that losing weight can feel good in more ways than one.

Workers at Trig’s grocery stores in Wisconsin recently took part in the company’s Biggest Winner contest, WAOW-TV reports. Over the course of a few months, employees were encouraged to lose as much weight as possible. For each pound they lost, Trig’s would donate an equal amount of food to local pantries to feed the hungry. Workers said the program gave them the motivation to shed some pounds.

“There was an incentive, a reason beyond just me that anything I lost was going to get donated to a food pantry and I think sometimes we need that additional incentive to get us started down the right path,” Angie Dreifuerst, a Trig’s employee, told the station.

At one Wausau, Wisconsin store, twelve employees combined to lose 100 pounds. Across the company, the workers lost a combined 800 pounds.  How’s that for an 800 pound gorilla in the room.. (or not in the room anymore!)?

While its employees have lost weight, Trig’s will also benefit from the program. Research from the American Heart Association says that companies can earn a $3 return for every dollar they spend on an effective employee wellness program through reduced healthcare costs.

With a 3 to one ROI payoff, what are you doing to encourage your employees to lose weight today?

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