Oversized Caskets: This Should be an Ad for Weight Loss

  • Jan 31, 2013

Oversized Caskets for an Obese Nation

Rise in Obesity Means More Oversize Caskets

People Are Dying of Obesity–Leading to a Rapid Rise in Oversized Caskets

Austin, Texas: I recently saw an ad for oversized caskets – and thought it should be an ad for weight loss.

Immediate weight loss.

According to a news report from one ABC affiliate, sales of oversized caskets , one casket maker, The Northwestern Casket Company says more than half of the coffins it sells are considered oversized. And we are talking about jumbo!

The article continues, “The biggest one is a metal casket 55 inches wide that can hold a body weighing 1,000 pounds.

“We sell the caskets to meet the population, and as the population gets larger, our caskets get larger,” said Tom Dunleavy of Northwestern Casket Company.

When caskets are more than 30 inches wide they require a special oversized vault, and, in some cases, two burial plots.”

Two burial plots wide!

Come on America!

Now is the time for personal responsibilty.

Start to lose weight immediately.

If you are obese, see a doctor first, but get more acvtive.

Practice wellness.

Improve personal fitness.

Stop smoking.

Reduce caloric intake.

Feel better.

Look better.

Live longer.

And avoid the premature death that lands you in an over-sized casket.

Here’s to a healthier 2013!