Objectives of a Successful Wellness Program

  • Jul 2, 2010

Why Wellness Program Objectives Are So Important

• A Wellness Program without objectives is like starting a business without a business plan. Without an idea of where you’re going, how you are going to get there, what you your organization’s mission is, how will you know whether or not you have ever reached your goals?

• Well-defined objectives are necessary in order to ensure success with your wellness program.
Without objectives there’s no telling what the outcome will be like. It could be good or it might be disastrous; you just don’t know. However, with a well-thought plan, the likelihood of a successful outcome will be much more plausible.

• Wellness program objectives are not always the same. It will change from one company to the next depending the size of the companies and how established they. A carefully considered plan that is founded on the points your business needs to improve will form the groundwork for a successful wellness program!

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