Make Dentist & Orthodontist Appointments Fun for your Patients

  • Feb 26, 2018

The dentist and orthodontists appointments are intimidating (for both children and adults) because of all the bright lights, wild tools, and high-pitched. Today I'm going to discuss 5 new and cool promotional products and how you can use them to promote your dental and orthodontic business and to remind your patients' that dental hygiene can be fun and simple. 

 1) Orthodontic Care Pack

These orthodontic care packs are great patient gifts to hand out after tightening their braces or other orthodontic work as it's normal to have some discomfort around your mouth and jaw. The hot/cold pack is great for taking care of any facial pain since their small in size and fit perfectly in your hand. The retainer case and lip balms are great additional items. Once braces come off you still must wear a retainer daily, so having a case handy is a great way to ensure your retainer is in a safe place. They come in a convenient travel bag that makes for easy accessibility and traveling. 

2) Happy Teeth Dental Kit

 For those lucky enough to avoid the orthodontists, routine checkups at the dentist are a must. This dental it has all the essentials and even a timer to ensure you get those full 2-minutes in. These kits are great to give out as patient gifts and appointment reminders as since they can be used and seen daily as to not forget the importance of their dental health. Don't forget to add that extra bit of minty freshness by flossing before heading out for the day!

3) Reach® Dental Floss

People often minimize the importance of flossing (guilty as charged) but it's a pretty quick and simple step that is necessary. Flossing gets those hard to reach spots in between teeth and drastically eliminates tar buildup. Handing customized dental floss with your logo out to patients as appointment reminders is a great way to keep their dental hygiene and their future appointments at the dentist and orthodontist a daily thought. We also have toothpick flossers for children and others who have difficulty using the regular floss. 

4) Tongue Cleaner

Another important and usually forgotten step in dental hygiene is tongue cleaning. Some brushes these days have a built in tongue scrubber builtin, but for those who don't even when you remember to clean your tongue you may not have the right tool. Hand out customized tongue cleaners to patients as appointment reminders and well as a daily reminder to clean their tongues as well!

5) Chocolate Tooth

Although dental hygiene is super important, some days you just need to treat yourself-- with chocolate! I know it goes against what dentists and orthodontists preach, but realistically, everything is okay in moderation, right? Giving customized tooth-shaped chocolates to patients on the way out of the office is almost like a reward used to recognize their diligent dental hygiene.  

Please feel free to email or call with questions regarding the featured products and any other dental hygiene items you would like to use to promote your business and keep patients happy and returning!