Improve Wellness & Fitness With These New Promotional Glass Water Bottles

  • Jan 7, 2013

imprinted glass water bottles

Imprinted promotional glass water bottles-Made in the USA-from Wellness Incentives Plus

 Imprinted Glass Water Bottles: The Ideal Wellness Gift

Austin, Texas: This new glass water bottle is made in the USA and a great way to promote your fitness and wellness at your business.

Made of glass the large mouth is ideal for ice cubes and frsh fruit slices.

Even better, glass is now considered to be the most natural drinking container and most pure.

As a way of promotiong your wellness initiatives, these bottles can also be used as candy jars or storage containers for the desk–for rubber bands, pencils, paper clips and more.

Available from – where you help to support American jobs.

Help us continue to support American factories..and improve wellness and fitness in the workplace and at home

Click here for more details on these glass water bottles from Wellness Incentives Plus, these are the ultimate wellness gift and perfect for health clubs, fitness, yoga and dance studios and even health fairs.

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