I "Mustache" You a Question about Men's Health Issues

  • Mar 2, 2018

Movember or No Shave November, no matter what you call it it’s a favorite month among men donning mustaches and beards and all enthusiast in between. Although a fun month full of crazy facial hair styles and cuts, many forget the real reason for Movember and No Shave November—To be awareness and light to men’s health issues, most usual being prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and men’s suicide. 

Men’s health issues need to be taken seriously, but why not make educating and spreading awareness fun? Growing mustaches and styling them every which way has been the go-to way to spread awareness and show support of for the cause, but that’ll change today. I’m going to share 5 super fun promotional products that will add extra swag to anyone’s mustache!

1)    Beard Trimming Catcher Bib

The most important preparation for Movember is getting those mustaches and beards nicely trimmed and perfectly shaped. These customized beard-trimming catcher bibs will make it even easier to keep up with grooming and make it abreeze. These bibs are also waterproof and allow for little to no mess and quick and easy clean up-- Perfect for all mustache and beard wearers alike! 

2)    Camo Finish 10 Piece Clipper Set

What’s the point of a trimming catcher bib if you don’t have any tools to trim and sculpt your masterpiece with? This clipper set has all the tools and trimming attachments any man will ever need to keep his mustache or beard up to such high standards as it should. You cant't show up to a Movember event with a scrappy looking mustache or beard, it's simply unacceptable! 

3)    Mustache Sheet of Stickers

For those who can’t grow facial hair but still want to join in and support the cause, these stickers are a fantastic idea! This sheet comes with two mustache stickers: one for your finger and one for your face! These stickers are great for health fairs and school events as they spread awareness to all ages groups very subtly while also providing joy! This is great because men’s health issues can happen at any age—so early education and prevention/detection is key.

4)    Mustache Bottle Opener Keychain

Nothing goes better with a mustache than a nice cold beer—that’s the stereotypical image of burley man in most people’s minds. These mustache bottle openers are an awesome way to spread men’s health awareness as it’ll be used often at social events and hopefully spark conversation behind why you even have a mustache bottle opener in the first place!

5)    Handlebar Sun-Staches® Sunglasses

Mustache sunglasses are another fun and timeless piece to hand out at health fairs and school events. Everyone likes a fun pair of sunglasses and these are one of a kind! These mustache sunglasses are fun for all ages and help to start associating men’s health issues with fun facial hair and make it a less scary and more common topic to talk about. Also just fin to wear out and about during Movember and No Shave November events. 


If you “mustache me a question” about these fun promotional products or any other products on our site, please feel free to call or email me and I’d be glad to answer and questions and help get you ready for this Movember!