Health Fair Idea: Ask for an Action Step

  • Jun 10, 2014

Heath Fair Ideas: Have Each Person Take Just One Action Step Within Next 48 Hours

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Austin, Texas: Do you ever wonder why all the activities, education and promotional items that you promote at health fairs have such minimal results?

The main reason is Newton’s First Law of Motion: An object in motion tends to stay in motion unless acted upon by a force.  An object at rest stays at rest ..unless acted upon by a force.

Bottom line: inertia–or lack thereof.

Many of the people that you are coming in contact with at these health fairs are usually not very active–or not active at all.

Or they have an unhealthy habit–such as smoking or drinking..

How do you get these people to change their habits?

It is a simple 2 Step process:

1) Ask for an Action Step.

It should be an immediate Action Step that they can do within 48 hours (within 24 hours is even better.).

2) Have them repeat that habit every day for 30 days.

Habits – whether they are good or bad— are tough to break.  Repeating positive behavior for one full month changes the person’s behavior.

Next time you are exhibiting or presenting at a health fair–ask for an immediate Action Step.

If they are not willing to do it, they are not serious about changing their behavior patterns.

But then, don’t forget Step 2B: Keep encouraging — as many times people fall back onto bad habits–and need encouragement and positive reinforcement to keep trying again and again.

Here’s to a more successful health fair.

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