Creating Best Practices for Workplace Wellness Programs

  • Aug 5, 2013

Are You Willing to Share Best Practices for Your Company’s Wellness Program?

best practices for employee wellness programsAustin, Texas: As I have been reading in many industry blogs, there is so much negativity about wellness programs from within the industry itself.

As an incentive industry veteran of over 30 years, I know that there are many elements that can either make or break any incentive program — including wellness programs.

I think it is imperative that we try to find a forum and start addressing best practices in the wellness arena.

We should include the following areas of concern-as they are most critical in developing best practices:

1) Objectives and Goals

What are you trying to accomplish?

Why are you creating a wellness program at all?

How clear-cut are your objectives?

Will you be getting employees involved in setting up the program?

How will you measure them?

How often will you measure?

How will you know your program is successful or needs adjusting?

How long will this program last?

2) Implementation & Kickoff

How will the program be announced?

How will it be implemented?

Who is going to be in charge of daily/weekly program support and updates?

Who is contact or point person on issues arising from the program?

How often will employees be reminded of the program?

3) Management & Other Support

Who in upper management is chief “cheerleader” of this program?

How will management stay abreast of this program and how much input will they have?

Will management be participating in the wellness program also?

Who will be the employee liaison for the program?

How much employee education will there be to help with behavior modification?

Will there be personal coaching or group coaching for employees?

Who will arrange for meetings for employees to discuss their personal goals and how to stay on track?

4) Incentive & Motivation

Will this be a positive program or a punitive-type program?

Will all employees be able to participate and win – or is it staggered for a few top winners only?

Who will be around when points/gifts or other awards are issued?

How will you publicize and promote points or achievements–without making the least successful employees feel left out or embarrassed?

How will you keep your wellness program fresh?

How ill you continue to prod, poke and inspire your employees to help them reach bigger goals?

5) Review and Analysis

How often will you be reviewing results?

How will you act and react to your goal assessments–knee jerk reactions, planned responses, team meetings?

How will you be sharing the results with your employees?

Will you double-down on more education and cheerleading or look to punish those that are not meeting your success goals?

Let’s get this discussion moving forward.

Let’s share best practices so that we can all be better off.

Who is willing to get the ball rolling?

I’d be glad to help on the incentive side.

What is the next step?

Here’s to a healthier workforce!

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