Choosing the Right Imprinted Pedometer for Your Corporate Wellness Program

  • Nov 18, 2010

imprinted pedometersOver the past few years, imprinted pedometers have easily been our top selling wellness reminder and top selling wellness incentive gift.

Pedometers allow a simple way to track and monitor your progress, allowing a personal and easy way to set distance goals. As with any fitness program, any tool or system that allows individuals to simply glance at a device to see results (scale, pedometer, etc.) will be used more frequently than others.

Plus, when printed with your wellness or fitness program’s theme or message, it is a constant daily reminder of the goal to improve, especially as they are usually worn all day long.

As employees become more aware of how easy it is to add steps and distance to their daily routine, they will soon begin to park their cars a little further away, walk up the stairs instead of using elevators, and walk more before and after work hours. And, after all, isn’t this type of behavior modification the key to any wellness or fitness program.

Custom printed pedometers range in price from as little as $2.00 each for those that measure only steps and distance traveled, to $3-$7 pedometers that have a few more bells and whistles.

With so many imprinted pedometers to choose from, here are our top 8 selling pedometers, in order of price (least expensive to most expensive):

1)NKRRE-DOIDO: This basic pedometer features an easy to use compact plastic pedometer that calculates each step taken. Comes with a reset button, cover and a pocket / belt clip for comfortable wearing. Just a little over $2.00 with your wellness theme and logo.

2) IJTVC-GFUPE: Simple-to-operate pedometer is a step counter which counts up to 99,999 steps.  Has a one button feature for ease of use.  Under $2.50 each. (more…)

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