April is National Pet Month-- Show your pets how much you care with these fun products!

  • Mar 23, 2018

Furry friends and pets are just as important of a priority as babies are to many-- they both drool and cause messes, so there's that similarity too. April is National Pet Month and a month a shameless splurging and spoiling your furryfriends and fur babies with gifts and useless accessories. Today I'm going to share 5 super awesome products that aren't just fun and stylish but they also will keep your pets active and healthy.

1) Fetch-It Dog Toy

This Fetch It dog toy is a classic that every dog (and other fetching animals) need in their toy collections. This toy is awesome as it can be used as either a fetch toy or put to use in a game of tug-a-war with your furry friend. These dog toys can be personalized and make for great giveaways at pet store openings an adoption events around the community. 

2) Park Pet Kit

These park pet kits are great not only great for transporting your pet's food and place to place, but they also come with a stylish bandana and poop pick up dispenser. Not only is this great when taking you furry friend to the park, but this park pet kit is super helpful to have when traveling long distances or when going on runs with your pet. The bandana adds a bit a swag to your pet's already natural cuteness. These kits are also great giveaways and handouts at pet store openings and or adoption events in your area. 

3) Tennis Ball Thrower

The tennis ball thrower is another classic fetch toy. This easy scoop device is great for any lazy pet owners (myself) who don't want to bend over but still want to play with their energetic pets. This tennis ball thrower doesn't take up much room and is a great way to keep your pets exercised properly. Of course these also make great giveaways and handouts at pet store openings and or adoption events.

4) Paws for Life™ Water Bottle for Dogs

The Paws for Life™ water bottle is such a necessary and awesome product. The built in bottle allows for storage of water and allows only the exact amount needed to be dispensed-- keeping your furry friends hydrated and conserving water. These dog water bottles are great for trips to the park, long car trips, hiking treks, etc. Keeping pets hydrated is a top priority and is often forgotten because there's usually no access to water when out and about. 

5) Full Color 3/4"W Adjustable Pet Collar

No pet's look is complete without a stylish collar! These collars are great as they can be totally customized with full-color sublimation-- allowing for very intricate patterns that'll for sure make your furry friend stand out from the litter!  These collars are adjustable to fit dogs both small and large, bringing swag to all dogs and leaving no breed behind! 

Please let us know if you have any questions regarding the above featured products or visit our site for many other adorable promotional items for your furry friends!